Heukäse Eisacktal

Regional, sustainable and healthy

The best ingredients for unique indulgence

We pay particular attention to the sustainability aspect when selecting our ingredients: Our products cover travel the shortest distances possible, are fresh and healthy, preferably in organic quality and of regional origin. Ideally the products we use are from our own vegetable and herb garden or from regional suppliers who have the same passion for sustainable cooking as us.

It is a pleasure to cook with these fragrant ingredients, to prepare them carefully and conjure up aromatic dishes from Alpine and Mediterranean cuisine out of them that impressive with natural flavours. For this reason, we produce many products ourselves as we know: home-made always tastes best. Jams, desserts, pasta and more come from the Die Waldruhe kitchen.

Our special passion is for local cheese and wine, which also coincidentally go perfectly together. The large selection of local wines, supplemented by international wines, gets any gourmet’s pulse racing.

The best from South Tyrol

Speck Alto Adige PGI/Südtiroler Speck g. g. A.
Good to know:

  • Speck Alto Adige PGI/Südtiroler Speck g. g. A. is produced according to traditional methods.
  • Both methods of ham production are combined: smoking and air-drying.
  • The “Bauernspeck” brand indicates ham and bacon from South Tyrolean pigs.

South Tyrolean wine
Good to know:

  • Vernatsch, Lagrein and Gewürztraminer are South Tyrol’s indigenous grape varieties.
  • South Tyrolean wines have been receiving the highest scores from Italy’s most renowned wine guides in relation to the vineyard area for years.
  • Roughly 20 grape varieties are cultivated on a wine growing area of just 5,400 hectares.

South Tyrolean bread
Good to know:

  • Only natural ingredients are used for bread with seals of quality.
  • At least 60 percent of the ingredients come from South Tyrol.
  • Only traditional and typical bread varieties can receive seals of quality.