Mountainbiken am Peitler Kofel
Mountainbiken im Naturpark Fanes
Mountainbiken am Peitler Kofel

Through Val Pusteria/Pustertal by mountain bike

Out and about by mountain bike in Val Pusteria/Pustertal: mountain bikers rave about the magnificent scenery and Alpine paths, spectacular trails and the superb signposting. Leisurely cyclists travelling to Val Pusteria/Pustertal without a mountain bike really get their money’s worth too though. The well-developed network of cycle paths invites you to enjoy leisurely cycling tours with the whole family.

Anyone who doesn’t want to bring their own MTB with them to Val Pusteria/Pustertal, has the option of using our E-MTB hike from May to October. Naturally we also hire out bikes for children at our family hotel in South Tyrol. We  offer you the latest e-mountain bikes CUBE for hire (EUR 25.00 day).

Conquer Val Pusteria/Pustertal by mountain bike

Val Pusteria/Pustertal and the Dolomites in particular are well-known for their spectacular trails and magical routes that lead through impressive natural scenery and get every mountain biker’s heart racing with joy. You have the possibility of completing many of these MTB tours in Val Pusteria/Pustertal and conquering Val Pusteria/Pustertal by MTB from our hotel. We will be happy to advise you and give you valuable tips for tours in all levels of difficulty. We already have one tip for freeride fans now: nearby Plan de Corones/Kronplatz is a downhill hot spot with thrilling trails.

E-bike tours in Val Pusteria/Pustertal

Electric bikes are not just trendy but a welcome alternative to classic MTB for many people – literally everyone can explore Val Pusteria/Pustertal on two wheels with the help of a little motor that does some of the work for you. Naturally this doesn’t mean that an e-bike tour is not a challenge as technical skill is called for, especially in Alpine terrain. An e-bike assists you though in persevering for longer and getting further to savour Val Pusteria/Pustertal’s fantastic views and natural scenery to the full. Give it a try and explore the green valley on a modern e-bike!

MTB tour in Val Pusteria/Pustertal: Astnerbergalm Alpine hut

In Terento/Terenten centre turn right into Valle dei Mulini/Mühlental. You cross the farmland and follow the road as far as the earth pyramids. You ride on a mixture of tarmacked roads and forest trails reaching an altitude of approx. 1,770 m and the Perchner Alpine hut. After continuously following the forest trail for a while, you reach a short passage that you have to carry your MTB across. Once you’ve managed this, you can get back on your bike and get close to the Rio Vena/Winnebach on a forest trail. Our destination, the Astnerbergalm Alpine hut, is already in sight. You can get back to the starting point and if you like straight to our hotel in Chienes/Kiens via the Rio Vena/Winnebach valley and the tarmacked road.

590 m elevation gain – 13.7 km – max. 1,792 m

By MTB up to the Cima Lasta/Astjoch panoramic mountain

The tour for the whole family starts by the Zumis car park above Rodengo/Rodeneck. You cycle past the Riva/Roner mountain hut, the Plan chapel, Starkenfelder Alpine hut as far as the Ast Alpine hut. It then goes slightly downhill on an unmarked forest trail (left) and straight afterwards up again on the right to the Einhäuser Alpine hut at 2,120 m. Everyone will probably have to push their MTB up to the Cima Lasta/Astjoch but it’s worth it: the panorama from your MTB over Val Pusteria/Pustertal is mind-blowing! You then take a steep track (track 11) downhill as far as Prateria della Croce/Kreuzwiese, the easy version leads on trails 10 and 12 to the Alpine hut (possible rest stop). You then return to the Ast Alpine hut via the Rafreider Alpine hut, Steiner Alpine hut and trail 66 and back to the starting point on the same way there.

640 m elevation gain – 22.7 km – max. 2,194 m